Dental Emergency Appointment

If you have an emergency,
please call us on: 01134 574747

A dental emergency should never be taken lightly; it may have serious implications. At times of an emergency, you can depend on us; we try to see all our emergency patients within hours of their call. So keep our number handy and call us whenever you’re in need of dental expertise.

Upon Dialing...
Our emergency hotline will be answered by a member of staff who will take the initial details of your emergency and notify our emergency dentist. You will be informed of your appointment time and other details such as the address and procedures for patients with dental insurance.

The first step would be a dental examination to establish the most appropriate treatment. The treatment might be temporary for cases of extreme discomfort and might require follow-up appointments. There are many types of dental emergencies, the common ones being broken teeth, fractured teeth, broken dentures, toothaches, swelling and loose crowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in the event of a dental emergency?
Immediately call Corner House Dental Practice for an appointment. Describe the emergency so that our expert can get immediate advice on your situation before your appointment.
How to cure a toothache?
Immediately contact a dentist at Corner House Dental Practice for an appointment if suffering from a toothache. Discuss taking possible painkillers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen with our member of staff until your scheduled appointment.
What should I do in case of swelling?
Contact us for an accurate diagnosis. A swelling usually indicates an infection, or an abscess that requires drainage. Once our dentist looks at your swelling, they will prescribe the best treatment as well as any antibiotics or other medication that may be required.
What should I do if my crown falls off?
Your crown needs to be re-cemented as soon as possible. Sometimes, a root canal treatment is required.
What can be done of a broken denture?
Don’t ever attempt to repair a broken denture on your own. This may result in further damage. Schedule an appointment to have it repaired.
What comprise dental injuries?
Dental injuries may include any injuries of the teeth. If teeth are forced out of position, broken or completely removed due to external force, these would qualify as dental injuries. These must be treated immediately.
What are my options for a knocked out tooth?
If your tooth has been knock out, it is possible to re-implant it within 30 minutes. If this is not possible, you can store it in a glass of cold milk. Ensure you remove any dirt or debris and wash it. Handle it delicately and try not to touch the root as the root fibres are required to re-implant the tooth. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
What can I do about an extruding tooth?
If, due to external pressure, a tooth is pushed out of its natural position and is now extruding outwards or inwards, use a finger to apply light pressure and try to reposition it to its natural alignment. Be sure not to apply too much pressure as this might be damaging. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
What can I do about a fractured tooth?
Its easy to restore a fractured tooth, provided the fracture isn’t too severe. If it hurts, try eating soft foods, not biting in that area and not eating foods that are too hot or cold before a dentist can look at it. Contact your dentist to have a fractured tooth fixed.
What can I do about a minor fracture?
Our dentists can smooth out minor fractures or do a composite restoration.
What can I do about a moderate fracture?
If there is no permanent damage to the pulp, our dentists will use a permanent crown. However, if the pulp is damaged beyond repair, further treatment will be required.
What can I do about a severe fracture?
Make sure the wound is cleaned. Lacerations to the tongue might result in bleeding, so bring the tongue forward and use a gauze to put pressure on it. Usually a severe fracture results in traumatized teeth and there is little scope of recovery.
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