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Few examples of successful Smile Makeovers

First impressions last longest, and nothing leaves a better first impression than a beautiful, sparkling smile. Whether a confident grin at a meeting, a cheerful beam at a stranger on the bus or a private giggle in the mirror to yourself, the simple smile has the power to bring joy, delight, de-stress and create a great impression. So why not make your smile the best that it can be?

Our team can design a Smile Makeover that will not only transform your appearance but improve your self-esteem and possibly your overall health. Our personalised treatments take each patient’s needs into account, creating a customised plan of action for a radiant, beautiful, healthy smile.

Trust us, you won’t be able to stop smiling after we’re done with you.

Our Treatments

We typically use a combination of treatments, depending on your needs, to put you best smile forward.

Chips, cracks, flaws and slight malocclusions are no match for our porcelain veneers that give you an even, healthy and natural smile.
Dental Crowns
Dental crowns may be used to treat severe decay and deterioration of the teeth and, in certain cases, could also be pain-free alternative to the extraction of a tooth.
Teeth Whitening
A smoker’s best friend, our professional teeth-whitening services can improve the colour of stained teeth, brightening your smile.
Gum Lift and Reshaping
Its no fun when your smile shows off more gums than teeth. Our gum lift, or gum reshaping, is the perfect answer to a gummy smile, removing any extra gum tissue quickly, safely and securely with a laser.
General Dentistry
Most people underestimate the importance of oral health. The health of our teeth and gums is important for the healthy functioning of other parts of our bodies and can tell us a lot about our overall health. So, although we love creating beautiful smiles and sending them out into the world, we will always emphasize the importance of creating a solid dental foundation first.

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Frequently Asked questions

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental treatment that can improve one’s smile by either improving the colour, condition or shape of teeth, aligning the teeth to make them straighter or replacing missing teeth to put one’s smile worries to rest.

What is involved in a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is fairly flexible. You may discuss your initial concerns of your teeth and smile with our dentist and you will be given feedback on how best to improve your smile. Treatment options will be provided by our experts and you can decide if you want to go forward with the procedures or not. Treatment options and procedures will be different for different patients as each person’s smile is unique.

What kinds of Smile Makeovers are available? What procedures are involved?

Smile Makeovers vary from person to person; they may be cosmetic, dental or both.Our procedures include (but are not limited to):

  • Teeth whitening to whiten stained teeth
  • Porcelain veneers to give your teeth a pearly white, uniform and healthy look
  • Cosmetic crowns and cosmetic bonding to tackle chips, flaws and cracks in teeth
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Orthodontics to align teeth
  • Gum lifts or gum reshaping to remove excess gum tissue
  • Invisalign braces to straighten teeth

Who will give me my Smile Makeover treatment?

Our expert cosmetic dentist will give you your Smile Makeover treatment.

How do I choose the type of smile makeover that is right for me?

Our cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth and smile and explain to you the various factors affecting your smile and dental health. With their guidance, you will be able to make an informed decision on what procedures are best for you.

Is a Smile Makeover Painful?

Our cosmetic dentists will describe the sensations felt for each procedure and administer local anaesthesia when required. Most treatments are pain-free and some are delivered with minimal discomfort.

How long will my Smile Makeover last?

It depends on the treatment, as well as your overall wellbeing and dental health. Effects of laser tooth whitening may be visible for up to three years. Veneers can last between five and fifteen years. Dental implants may last up to 30 years. Duration varies from treatment to treatment.

Are there any risks involved?

Not if you are thorough in sharing your medical history and any medication you may be on with the dentist, as these will effect treatment decisions.

As each individual’s body heals itself at a different pace, another risk may include delayed healing or even a possible rejection of certain procedures. However, the chances of this are minimal and your dentist will tell you what factors may potentially lead to this, if any.

How will I look after my Smile Makeovers?

In a word: great! Smile Makeovers rejuvenate your smile and face and add to your overall health as dental health is linked to the healthy functioning of the rest of the body.

How much would my Smile Makeover cost?

Cost of various Smile Makeovers vary depending upon the treatment. Factors such as duration of treatment, material used and skill required play a role in determining the cost. Our dentist will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the cost of procedures postyour initial examination.

What alternatives are there to a Smile Makeover?

Frankly, none. There are no treatments out there that are as holistic and all encompassing as the Smile Makeover.

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