Pay for a year, Get Coverage for 3

Smiley Plan

We know it may seem to good to be true, but here at Couner Dental Practice, we are as invested as you are in your long-term dental health.

Treatment 1-Year 3-Year 3-Year Smiley Plan
(1 per year)
£42 £126 £42
(2 per year)
£138 £414 £138
(2 per year)
£294 £284 £284
Whitening Refill £80 Per Refill £400 for 5
Total £1234 £474

Free No-obligation Consultation

Dr Natwar was brilliant. He was extremely knowledgeable and talked me through everything that was going to happen before it took place. I was always treated with real care, and all appointments were totally painless. Thank you!

- Ross Horsley

I have had the most amazing teeth whitening journey. From the off Dr. Natwarlal Tibrewal & Was Great. He pull me at ease straight away with his cheerfull and friendly attitude. He was very professional and I'm so happy with my teeth now, he is absolutely brilliant at what he does!

- Stacey
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